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Huizhou Technical Training Base

        Huizhou Kody Technical School is the training  base of group company ,through the teachers and students of the group product R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and other processes directly involved in and work experience, to meet the group product development, technical personnel training the win-win purpose.

       In the specialized construction and the curriculum development, Huizhou produce base for the school to provide the application of electronic technology, electronic switch manufacturing, mechanical and electrical integration, mold design and manufacturing, production organization and management, computer network engineering and other professional courses in the real project practice; school-enterprise joint development of electronic switch manufacturing, industrial robot, the electronic switch test engineering standards and supporting teaching, training equipment.

       Schools rely on the resources of  the comany group, making schools to become a "teaching factory" form, from the German "dual system" concept of education, project teaching, practice and training, set production and processing, product development, research in one occupation, lets the student experience "to work is to study, study or work" integration teaching mode, realize the seamless link of zero distance learning and post.

       The two sides play their respective advantages, through Huizhou production base of research and development platform for practice, efforts to  Huizhou Kody Technical School to become Huizhou city high skilled personnel training base in Guangdong Province, the transfer of rural labor force employment training and demonstration base, Huizhou City, the assembly of electronic components base and Guangdong Province electronic switch occupation development base.