Samsung Galaxy S3 launched

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 finally launched today on 03 May 2012. Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available in market on 29th May 2012. With the new Galaxy S3 you can experience faster web browsing, seamless multi-tasking, supreme graphics qualilty and an instantly responsive UI on a larger screen.

Among some of its new splendid features is “Smart Stay” which means you don’t lock and unlock you screen from now. “Smart Stay” uses the front-facing camera to detect if you’re looking at it, so it knows whether to keep the screen awake.So as long as you’re looking at the S3’s screen, it won’t dim or lock itself. The next amazing feature is “S-Beam”, which transfers files quickly between devices by touching them together, or sharing the phone’s screen content with other devices. Samsung Galaxy S3 is not a market leader when it comes to camera but the new features make it stand out from that line. A 8-megapixel with LED flash, zero shutter lag, Burst shot, Best photo, Face zoom & Group tagging features.

samsung galaxy s3

One more feature that I loved in Samsung Galaxy S3 is “S-Voice”, that lets users control their phone using normal, natural language. So it’s like Siri, only  thing it does more is you can say volume up, for instance, and the phone will filter out the noise of the song it’s playing. Despite a generous screen, the size of Galaxy S3 is only 22% larger than the Galaxy S2 due to a reduced bezel. The Galaxy S3 also features wireless charging and Wi-Fi Channel Bonding, which doubles the Wi-Fi bandwidth. Apart from all that I have mentioned above, one more feature that I loved is “Pop up Play” which allows users send text messages and emails while they are watching a video or movie. Isn’t that amazing, its actually a step ahead to multitasking on phones where you really don’t have to pause your video and get annoyed to chat with your friends. Now you can do both the things simultaneously.

Samsung says

Galaxy S3 is effortlessly smart and intuitively simple, and is a phone that sees you, listens to you and understands what you want.

Other Outstanding Features

galaxy s3 launch

  • Texting someone, but decided to call them instead? Simply raise the Galaxy S3 to your ear & the ‘Direct Call’ feature activates.
  • The new ‘Smart Alert’ feature ensures you don’t miss notifications, while ‘Social Tag’ keeps you up-to-date with friends & family.
  • There’s a range of stylish accessories to enhance your Galaxy S3 experience: Flip Cover, AllShare Cast Dongle & S Pebble.
  • Galaxy S3 packs a total of 6 sensors, so it really is paying attention

Technical Specifications

  • Screen: 4.8” Super Amoled HD display
  • Storage: 16/32/64GB depending on model, plus expandable MicroSD card
  • Cloud storage: 50GB Dropbox for two years
  • Colour: Pebble blue or marble white
  • Battery: 2,100mAh with wireless charging optional extra
  • Camera: 8MP rear; 1.9 MP front
  • Resolution: 720 x 1280 px
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Dimensions: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm
  • Weight: 133gm
  • Operating System: Android 4.0.4 (ICS)
  • Processor: Exynos 4 Quad (1.4GHz)

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