Now you can manage Facebook Pages from Mobile

I have been looking for a way to manage Facebook Pages from my mobile device, and unfortunately there was no way to do that. Yeah, I know you can do some workarounds like updating via email or running Facebook as desktop version in your mobile but still you don’t get that feel. Thankfully today Facebook has ┬álaunched its new app for managing Facebook Pages via mobile and it is known as Facebook Page Manager.

Now the bad part of this launch is, the new app is only for iOS users as of now. Last week, the app rolled out to markets around the globe for beta testing, reported Mobile Burn, and now all U.S. users can download it from the App Store. The new app requires iOS 4.2 or later. Below are some of the screen-shots of the app on an iPhone-

facebook pages app

Hopefully, very soon we will see a similar app for android. If you come across this app for android, please also let me know.

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