iPad 2 prices slashed down in India by Rs 6000

With the release of ‘The New iPad‘ the prices of iPad 2 has slashed down with almost $100. And on the same side the demand for iPad 2 has increased in India as reported by some online stores.

The old iPad 2 (16GB-WiFi) is now available for Rs. 24,000 (down by Rs 6,000) and iPad 2 (16GB-WiFI+3G) for Rs. 32,400 (down by Rs 6,000). You can simply buy iPad 2 online from sites like ebay and others. But at the same time see what all you gonna miss in iPad 2 -

  • Retina Display : The centerpiece of Apple’s announcement today is, of course, the new iPad, and the biggest news about it is its new super-sharp screen. Current iPads have a display resolution of 1024×768. The resolution of the new iPad is 2048×1536—double the resolution, bringing the new iPad in line with the iPhone 4’s retina display.ipad 2 price in india
  • New Camera : The new iPad has a slightly better camera than the iPhone 4. It has a five-megapixel sensor and captures 1080p video.
  • 4G LTE : The new iPad has a 4G LTE connectivity on AT&T or Verizon networks—but not both on the same device. It’s Apple’s first LTE-capable device.
  • A5X Chip : The new iPad is faster—it has to be in order to manage the new screen. According to Apple, it’s twice as fast as the old Tegra 3 chip and has four times the graphics performance.
  • Siri : The new tablet sort of has Siri, albeit only in the form of voice dictation, not the full voice assistant.
  • Apple TV : The other big announcement today was an update to Apple TV. It will now support 1080p, and all iTunes movies are jumping to 1080p too. Apple’s Eddie Cue says that TV shows will pop up in 1080p on iTunes the day after they’re released. The new Apple TV looks different, too. The new user interface looks like iOS, with thumbnail buttons for movies, shows, podcasts, and other programs appearing on the screen.

If the above features doesn’t make much sense to you, there is no hard reason you should buy The New iPad rather than an iPad 2. Think again!! Make a wise decision :)

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