Wanna be more famous than Lady Gaga on Twitter? Check this

How about you getting 1Million followers on Twitter in a day? Okay, How about 21Million? Don’t you think that is gonna make you more famous than Lady Gaga on Twitter with more than 21Million followers. And the best part is you don’t have to pay a single penny from your pocket, all you have to do is add a Twitter app to your account.

Yes!! Play-Fame.com allows you to get that done. Click “Connect to Play” and authenticate your account with the app. You are then entered into a raffle with everyone else who connects with the app. Once in a day, a winner is chosen at random at 12 noon EST. That winner is automatically followed by everyone for that day. The next day, a new winner is selected and the previous winner is automatically unfollowed.

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Play-Fame.com is targeting to make one daily winner more famous than Lady Gaga! As of now the app has been used by nearly 1-2% of 21M followers.

What’s the Catch? Is that really possible?

The answer to this question is ‘Yes‘. Twitter API allows a app to add and remove followers from a user’s account. So what Play-Fame.com has done is everyone who allows that app will be declared once the winner for a day. On that day all the users who have joined the app will automatically gonna follow the winner.

Then at the end of the day,all those people will unfollow the winner again. Your account will remain the same after that. You won’t lose any followers, but you might gain some if they like what your profile depicts.

So the more people sign-up to this app, the more is your chances to be more famous than Lady Gaga. Interesting isn’t it?

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