Why Megaupload shutdown?

One of the File-sharing pioneer ‘MegaUpload.com’ is dead, shut down at the hands of the US federal government. Many reporters are indicating that the reason behind this shutdown is the recent buzz for SOPA and PIPA, but as of now this activity is not directly related to those Acts. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested four people, and charged three others, in the anti-piracy sting. MegaUpload has been shut down by the US federal government.

Update: Megaupload is back again!!

The above ip address looks fake to me, I have taken a screenshot in the morning and it looked like this and now if you check its something else. I am really not very sure about this being the official new site.

US federal government seized their domain names, undertaking $50 million in assets, and at the same time New Zealand police arrested four of the site’s key employees, including Megaupload’s founder Kim Dotcom. In a 72-page mega piracy indictment unsealed in a Virginia federal court, prosecutors charged that the site has earned more than $175 million since 2005, most of it is based on copyright infringement.

megaupload shutdown

The indictment goes after six individuals, who between them owned 14 Mercedes-Benz automobiles with name plates such as POLICE, MAFIA, STONED, CEO, HACKER, GOOD, EVIL, and GUILTY. The group also had a 2010 Maserati, a 2008 Rolls-Royce, and a 1989 Lamborghini. They had not one but three Samsung 83″ TVs, and two Sharp 108″ TVs.  Motor bikes, jet skis, artwork, and even 60 Dell servers could all be forfeit to the government if it can prove its case against the members of the “Mega Conspiracy.”

Remember Megaupload recently released a viral video on Youtube with $3 million budget, where they represented various stats and also users saying how much they love Megaupload?

The indictment also charges Megaupload “on or about November 10, 2011, a member of the Mega Conspiracy made a transfer of $185,000 to further an advertising campaign for Megaupload.com involved a musical recording and a video.” Do you really think that is a valid reason to seize?

I don’t remember the exact time, but back in my mind I remember Viacom made many of the same charges against YouTube, but never heard that US federal government knocked the Eric Schmidt’s or Chad Hurley’s door anytime. Let me know if you remember something on those lines..

In addition to these charges on Megaupload, the government contends that everything about the site has been doctored to make it look more legitimate than it is. The “Top 100” download list does not “actually portray the most popular downloads,” say prosecutors, and they claim that Megaupload purposely offers no site-wide search engine as a way of concealing what people are storing and sharing through the site.


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