The new Twitter sharing buttons are more elegant

Another great announcement for twitter lovers, after revamping the design Twitter now introduced new sharing buttons. The new buttons are sleak, elegant and very light, unlike the old buttons new sharing buttons load much faster. It looks like Twitter has done homework very well this time. See these new sharing buttons-

new twitter sharing buttons

You can see there are two new buttons been introduced this time i.e “Tweet to #hashtag” and “Tweet to @handle”. The new #hashtag button tells your visitors there’s an interesting conversation happening on Twitter, and lets them join in with just one click. The @mention button encourages visitors to Tweet to your account, driving public conversation directly from your website. Tweet #hashtag button can be effectively used in giveaways, contest and to keep yourself engaged with conversations happening on that topic or event.

Liked these new button? You can easily get them here “New Twitter Sharing Buttons“.

While using the new twitter on my PC, I also came across a new thing that twitter revealed today and that is embedding a tweet in your website of article of your blog. This is a very handy feature that I liked the most. Suppose you are writing a article on new Google Panda rollout and you remember a tweet talking about the tips for effective SEO techniques and you want to mention that in your article, all you need to do is put a simple two liner code there and you are all done. See here how to embed a tweet to your website or blog.

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