How to update your HTC Desire S to Android 2.3.5?

Yeah! Its good news for HTC Desire S owners. Now you can update your phone to Android 2.3.5 software version 2.15.720.3 with loads of amazing feature and updates that makes it more elegant, comfortable and more user friendly. It was expected that with Android 2.3.5 users will get a revamped version of Gmail and Android Market that would provide you access to enhanced notification and priority sync. Gmail got revamped before this release and other features came out to be more than as expected.

The new update started in Europe around a week ago and today it came to India. Now lets move on to whats new in Android 2.3.5 for HTC users and how to get it.

htc desire s android 2.3.5htc desire s android 2.3.5

As usual the simplest way to get the new firmware version is - go to MENU> Settings> About phone>Check Updates. But before doing that it very much recommended that you backup important files from your phone. Remove the SD card and don’t forget to backup your contacts too. Usually nothing is gonna happen to your files and contacts but this is safety measure. Put your device on charge, connect to your Wi-Fi network (don’t use data networks) and search for updates.

What’s new in Android 2.3.5 for HTC users

Some of the most amazing features of new firmware update are-

  • Notifications for missed calls, emails, messages can be seen even if screen is locked.
  • Revamped Incoming Call Screen
  • New threaded message styling with message backup option
  • 3D style home screens (7-screens in a loop too)
  • Android Market 3.4.4 Updated
  • Improved Music Player
  • Improved Video Player (with trimming option)
  • HTC Sense 3.0 revamped Graphics and UI.
  • Improved Gallery – Now with grid view
  • Photo Gallery grid widget
  • Camera software enhancements (lastest pic can be seen on top left corner of camera)
  • Keyboard input style enhanced.

Here are some virgin Add-ons for HTC Desire S

  • New Live Wallpapers
  • Freind Channel Widget
  • Photo Gallery Widget
  • Amazing Lock Screens (with 6 options)
  • New Task Manager
  • Storage Encryption

The new version also revamped preview of messages, music player, keyboard input, lock screen and gave a new styling clocks and photo grid widget. Below are some of the images that will give you a glimpse of all new features-

htc desire s android 2.3.5htc desire s android 2.3.5htc desire s android 2.3.5

htc desire s android 2.3.5htc desire s android 2.3.5

These are just some of the images I uploaded, there are some more amazing features that I came across; will be updating them soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. hi im from Philippines. but my DESIRE S. made in INDIA. . is there any problem with this System update version 2.15.720.3 , please reply. i need your opinion..

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