How Startups can use Google+ Pages efficiently

On 7 Nov 2011, Google+ revealed their so awaited feature called Google+ Pages. Google said on their blog-

So far Google+ has focused on connecting people with other people. But we want to make sure you can build relationships with all the things you care about—from local businesses to global brands—so today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide.

google+ pages for startups

I am here not to discuss how a multinational or global brand can get benefits from Google+ Pages, but we will talk about How a Startup can use it to boost its activities. Infact, I think Google+ Pages so far are more beneficial for a startup than a big shot like Pepsi, The Muppets, Toyota etc. Let me share some couple of points to answer “How can you say that?” kinda question in your mind.

The Beta factor

Google+Pages as of now are in beta phase, that typically means this is the first time this service is available outside of the organization that developed it. That gives you the benefit of engaging with early adopters, all you see there are them only. The actual purpose of releasing a service in ‘beta’ phase is getting a usability test and that is where a startup can jump in. So my only point here is a startup can take a risk to experiment things right now, while a global brand needs to think twice or may be thrice.

The Admin Control

Being a Startup how many resources in terms of human resources can you dedicate only for this activity which is still in beta phase. We are not talking about the success or failure of Google+ Pages here, we are talking about the resources. I think hardly ‘one’ while a multinational brand can outsource this social campaign to a Digital Media company which makes minimum 2-3 people who will be involved in analyses of this campaign. And you know what? Google+ Pages so far only allows one admin, so who has an edge?

You better Hangout

Discussions, Ahh!! that is what we do most of the time and Google+ Hangouts have given it an entirely new bend. With Google+ Hangouts video conferencing has become very easy and more than that you can also control whether to keep it public or private. That gives you more flexibility to talk to your customers very easily. Apart from all we just discussed Startups can use Hangouts for training, online seminars, casual meetings etc which is not scalable for a Brand.

Be more Customized

Being a startup, I am sure you must be emphasizing more on personal interactions and engagements; actually that is practical also as compared to a Brand. I remember in one of my previous article about Is Google+ falling apart? one of my friend Pat said “Google+ is about content curation and conversation with leanings toward the intellectual, Comparing it with Facebook is like comparing bananas and kiwi“. I agree to this statement, and this is where Startups can take advantage of Google+. Interact, engage and act as per your customers.

There are few more points that I have in my mind, but the major ones I have already mentioned above. A Global Brand has a lot more worries and issues to report to Google+ Pages like adding more than one website, getting a personal+short url for their page, custom themes as per their color or logo, etc. And I am sure Google+ team must be working hard on it, but by the time they do a boom boom, startups can go ahead and start building their platform right this moment.

I am sure you also hold an opinion about this, please share with us.

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