Google Music shortcut keys

Google recently launched Google Music service with more 13 million songs, Google Music will be integrated with Android Market, the company’s online store for smartphone apps and videos as it plays catch-up with its rivals. Apple, Amazon and Facebook have to varying degrees integrated music into their core online and mobile products.

Google Music will allow the Web search leader to do the same by letting consumers access music from various Internet-connected devices and easily share tracks with friends.

Its also in news that Google will also integrating its Google Music with Google+, users will be able to share songs with their Circles contacts who can listen to the full length of the tracks one time without making a purchase.

Songs range in price from 69 cents (44p) to $1.29 and come without DRM copy-protection. The search giant is also offering a different track free for download every day.
google music shortcut keys

Here are few of the Shortcut keys that you can use to enhance your productivity on Google Music.

  • / : Search
  • = : Increase the player volume
  • - : Decrease the player volume
  • = : Rate the current song thumbs up
  • : Rate the current song thumbs down
  • p : Create a new playlist
  • l : Create a new Instant mix from the selected song
  • s : Toggle shuffle on or off
  • r : Toggle repeat between off, all, and one
  • e : Edits the currently selected songs
  • Space bar : Play or pause music
  • Right arrow : Go to the next song
  • Left arrow : Go to the previous song
  • Right arrow : Seek forward In the current song
  • Left arrow : Seek backward In the current song
  • Up arrow : Select the item above the current selection
  • Down arrow : Select the item below the current selection
Stay tuned as and when we will come to some more tricks and tweaks, we will be sharing it with you all.
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