Blocking domains on Google Search now more easy

This is a great move from Google to refine search results more better, remember last time I introduced you with an extension for Google Chome which enables a user to actually blocklist a website or a domain what he thinks is fraud and not useful to him. This time Google has taken a smart move, smart in every aspect. See what they have done-

Suppose you are searching for “Siri itunes” on Google Search, you will get results something like what you see below (results may vary) -

google search more better

Now look at the second link, it says its from and that image written with “Siri” attracts too. I was damn sure that Siri’s logo noway gonna look like this, but I don’t know I just clicked on that link. It took me to a fraud app page on apple’s site. I was like “I knew it, this a fraud app”; and I pressed just pressed back button to come back to google search page to know how come this fraud app ranking so good on Google Search.

And I forgot the  ranking part when I saw this -

google search more refined

That says, you can now block all results from a domain or website. Isn’t that smart, if you coming back to Google Search after visiting a site means either your are known to what all is written there or ┬ámay be you are not satisfied with that link or may be it is completely a crap. If it is a crap you can save your time for next searches.

Man, I loved this move from google this gives them an instant feedback on sites. I am not very sure whether they are keeping a record of most blocked websites or not, but this feature itself is cool. I will definitely try to drill down the motive behind this and if something concrete came up, will share with you too. Let me know how you find this new move from Google?

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