Get Ice Cream Sandwich font on your Android device

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich comes with a new font “Roboto”, designed to be sleek, elegant, highly-readable on mobile devices. Reading on mobile phone is the second most popular activity after calling. We read emails, messages, documents, chats, etc everyday. And with this thought Android 4.0 has a new font and the best part is you can also get that font in your android phone. Before telling you how to get that font, check out the difference between Roboto and some other various popular fonts below.

roboto font download

How to download Ice Cream Sandwich font Roboto

  • If you have a rooted android phone then you simply download the font link given below and install it.
  • But if your phone is not rooted, then also you can install this font. All you need to do is install a app called Font changer first and then install 4.0 font download
Click on Roboto Font below to download the font in a zip file that will consist of several styles-
    • Roboto-Regular
    • Roboto-Italic
    • Roboto-CondensedItalic
    • Roboto-Condensed
    • Roboto-BoldItalic
    • Roboto-BoldCondensedItalic
    • Roboto-BoldCondensed
    • Roboto-Bold
See what is more suitable for you and install that file only. It is very much recommended that you take backup of your existing fonts, so that in case Roboto doesn’t work for your phone; you will be able to restore your previous fonts.

Font Changer App | Roboto Font


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