Best apps to change lock screen on your android phone

Yesterday I saw a HTC Sensation with an amazing Lock screen, I asked that strange person which app you use for this? And he replied rudely “Their are tonnes of them on Android Market!! Check it there” as if I never visited Android Market, but that lock screen I am telling you was not the usual HTC lock screen and was damn attractive.

change lock screen on android

Just to avoid such situations in future I went to Market and started looking for some lock screen apps, I listed the best of them for my further reference. Today one my friend bought a new Samsung Galaxy S2 and he came to me with some of his doubts and you won’t believe it – ‘How to change lock screen on my android phone’ was the first query he started off with. So I shared my list with him and thought it will be useful for you too.

Here are the best lock screen apps

WidgetLocker [Not Free]

This one is my favorite, simply customize your lock screen! WidgetLocker is a lock screen replacement that puts you in control of the look, feel and layout of your lock screen.


LockMenu [Free]

Lock Menu is a replacement lock screen that gives you the ability to launch applications and shortcuts directly from your lock screen. Lock Menu gives you the ability to customize 7 individual sliders so you can build a lock screen that fits your needs.

lock menulock menu


With Flyscreen you can embed your favourite web services right onto your lock screen! That means even if your screen is locked you can get the latest updates on your favorite sites and blogs.

flyscreenfly screen

Lockscreen [Free]

See your upcoming calendar events directly on the customized lockscreen! Works on every lockscreen, that normally displays the next upcoming alarm. You need to press “update” at least once to make the app load your calendar and set the text on the lockscreen.

lock screenlock screen

NoLock [Free]

This app is for those who are tired of the lock screen. If you want to use your phone as quickly as possible, this app is for you. It simply disables the lock screen. Press the unlock/menu button just once and the screen turns on immediately.

No LockNo Lock

If you came across any such great app to change the screen lock, please share it below.

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