Apple press conference [Live Feeds]

apple press conferenceI have been listening to Apple’s press conference on 4th October 2011. Tim Cooks, the new CEO of Apple Inc. has taken the stage and revealed the below mentioned facts-

Recent Apple Stats

  • Over 6 million copies of Lion has been downloaded so far – 80% more than snow Leopard
  • Macbook pro and iMac are the # 1 best selling noteboook and desktop in the U.S
  • Mac has been outpacing PC market since 5 years
  • 60 million Mac users around the world
  • Sold over 300 million iPods
  • iTunes has 200K songs
  • Over 16 billion songs downloaded
  • iPhone 4 accounts for more than half of all iPhones ever sold
  • 93% of fortune 500 companies testing iPhone
  • People love their iPhones. 70% are very satisfied.
  • iPhone has 5% of the Worldwide Mobile Phone market.
  • 92% of Fortune 500 companies have ‘em
  • 3 out of 4 tablets sold in US are iPads
  • The customer satisfaction ratings show a 95% score in a recent survey
  • iOS has 43% of the mobile market
  • 500,000 apps in appstore – 140K made just for ipad
  • 18 billion apps downloaded in 3 years
  • $3 billion paid to devs by Apple
  • iMessage: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Photos, videos. Pushed to all devices
  • Better camera control via iOS 5. One tap access to camera

Apple also revealed two new apps-

1. Cards app (Free download on Oct 12)
apple new app cards
2. Reminder app
It will be a Location-based reminder. like : Remind me when I reach office. Its kind of cool I think.

Apple also revealed new iPhone 4S and iPod Nano, iPod Nano would be available in 7 colors, and it would be costing $129 for the 8GB, and $149 for the 16GB version.


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