Social Media in India [Infographic]

social media 2011

Social Media in India has been growing rapidly. During 2011 online presence among Indian users has increased very drastically if we compare it from past few years. There are more than 100 million online users from India that comprises 4.5% of total online users across the globe. There are many more facts, have a look at this -

social media in india 2011

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    1. cgBalu says:

      That was good information. Always wanted to know the online presence of Indians. But we use twitter less. Is it not?

      • Thanks a lot Balasubramanian, for turning up here. Pleasure that you liked it.
        You said that very well, Indians still don’t get gel with twitter as they enjoy facebook and orkut.

    2. Prasant says:

      great info and really very helpful. keep the good work. love it :)

    3. Za says:

      Great infographic!

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