Remove ads from Gmail Account

remove ads from gmail

There was a time when I used to get very annoyed with advertisements on Gmail. I asked Harsh about it, he shared a small tip and a link that helped me a bit. Let me tell you what he shared-

You will see Gmail ads -

    • just above the action bar
    • right side of your message (just below the newly launched gmail people widget)
    • below your message

Harsh told me a simple way to disable Gmail ads above the action bar (also known as Web Clips as shown below)

You can simply disable them by following these steps-

    • Go to your Gmail ‘mail settings’
    • Click on the tab ‘Web Clips’
    • Uncheck “Show my web clips above the Inbox”.

This was pretty easy, but for removing Gmail ads from the sidebar, he shared a link from Amit Agarwal’s blog “Digital Inspiration” – Remove text ads from gmail account. This is a Firefox only plugin. So that restricted me to use Gmail on Firefox only. I was not very happy, as I love Google Chrome. I searched a lot but didn’t get any good solution to it for Google Chrome. Today I have that-

Remove Gmail ads on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari

Gmail Ad Remover is an extension or an addon that removes all the ads present in Gmail™ and proposes then a cleaner, better Gmail experience. It is free to use and available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 5 and Opera 11.

More precisely, the current version of Gmail™ Ad Remover is the only extension available on the Web that removes completely and seamlessly all the ads you can find on Gmail and does much more. Its principal features are listed below-

    • No ads at the top of your inbox, i.e. web clips,
    • No ads at the right of your message,
    • No ads at the bottom of your message,
    • No Google Products/Services ads in the footer,
    • Email gets highlighted when mouse over,
    • The only extension that removes ALL ads.

This free extension is doing wonders for me. You can download it from links below

Download for Firefox | Google Chrome | Safari | Opera

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