The new Apple iPhone 5 leaked

I been hearing a lot about iPhone 5; some rumors, some beliefs and many of the predictions. But this is the most detailed iPhone 5 leak, I have seen so far.  According to this leak iPhone 5 will be the sleekest smartphone ever made. Its 6.2mm depth also reduces its weight from 137gm of iPhone 4 to 112gm only.   Apple iPhone 5 is the next most awaited smartphone. Here are some images and technical specifications leaked from iPhone 5 website.

Features of iPhone 5

Here are some of the changes that iPhone 5 will have over iPhone 4.

    • Display : 4.2 “multi-touch widescreen display (10.67 cm diagonal)
    • Height : 120.9 mm
    • Width : 62.4 mm
    • Depth : 6.2 mm
    • Weight : 112 g
    • Memory : 32 GB or 64 GM only
    • Camera : 8 megapixels
    • Video recording : HD (720p) up to 30 fps with audio.
    • Battery : Same as iPhone 4
    • see the below images for more features

Have a look at there images

apple iphone 5

iPhone 5

iphone 5

iphone 5

iphone 5 in black color

iphone 5 in black color

iphone 5 in white color

iphone 5 in white color

And here is the screen-shot of iPhone 5 website
(click on the image to enlarge)

iphone 5 features specifications

iphone 5 features specifications

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