How to Install iLife Suite on Mac OS X Lion

mac os x lion

You must be installing iLife on your Mac before launch of Mac OS X Lion. iLife is a suite of software applications developed by Apple for organizing, editing, and publishing photos, movies, and music. The suite comprises five applications: iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb, all of which run on the Mac OS X operating system.

But the newest Apple MacBook Air and Mac mini have no optical drive. It seems like Apple is gradually removing the need of optical discs. So the question comes to my mind “How to install iLife suite on Mac OS X Lion“.

install ilife suite on your mac

Here is how you can do that.

After successful installation of Lion on your Mac, restart and follow the steps below

    • Double-click ‘App Store‘ in the Dock or navigate to Apple Menu -> App Store.
    • Authenticate with your Apple ID and password.
    • Select the ‘Purchases’ tab.
    • You will see the iLife suite appear in the ‘Accept’ section.
    • Download it free of charge.

Hope that was helpful :)


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  • [...] store. This makes installing OS X Lion more portable. And this also proves what we have said about Apple minimizing the use of optical drive is very right.  You can simply get Mac OS X USB installer from the link provided below for $69.00 [...]

    1. Dan K. says:

      Thank you but i’m not upgrade to tiger yet but may be tomorrow to try this.

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