mac os x lion

How to Install iLife Suite on Mac OS X Lion

mac os x lion

You must be installing iLife on your Mac before launch of Mac OS X Lion. iLife is a suite of software applications developed by Apple for organizing, editing, and publishing photos, movies, and music. The suite comprises five applications: iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb, all of which run on the Mac OS X operating system.

But the newest Apple MacBook Air and Mac mini have no optical drive.┬áIt seems like Apple is gradually removing the need of optical discs. So the question comes to my mind “How to install iLife suite on Mac OS X Lion“.

install ilife suite on your mac

Here is how you can do that.

After successful installation of Lion on your Mac, restart and follow the steps below

    • Double-click ‘App Store‘ in the Dock or navigate to Apple Menu -> App Store.
    • Authenticate with your Apple ID and password.
    • Select the ‘Purchases’ tab.
    • You will see the iLife suite appear in the ‘Accept’ section.
    • Download it free of charge.

Hope that was helpful :)

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