How Google+ is better than Facebook

google plus vs facebook

I have been using Google+ and Facebook for quite a long time now, and here is my experience of How Google+ (Google plus) is better than Facebook. I have tried to consider every difference I could make out. Hope you will like it-

Google+ is more open and reachable

more openOne of the best feature why I like Google+ is content you share as “public” can be searchable by Google search and other search engines, that allows your content to reach more doors. This makes your searching experience more easy. Suppose you are searching for something which is already been discussed by somebody lets say Robert Scoble on Google+, you can simply get your answer out of that discussion and move on. On the other side Facebook is closed with those “Walls”. There is no way your content reaching any door other than advertisers.

Google+ is not just a social network

social networkGoogle+ is not just a social network. We can call it as a system integrated with many other sites like – Google Search as I said above, Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Google Reader, Picasa, Google Maps, Google News, Google apps, and many more. If you have any of these accounts, you can easily enter Google+. To a logged in user Google+ becomes part of the background – invisible but pervasive as everything Google does becomes social. The Google+ toolbar stays with the user as he goes from search to mail to any of the other Google sites.

No Advertisements

no adsRevenue model of Facebook is advertisements, and to boost that they are promoting anything. I have noticed it personally most of the times Facebook shows irrelevant ads and on the other hand Google+ is free of ads (as of now ads are only on Google+ Games). If at all Google+ introduces Google+ ads, I think they have the most fine tuned and intelligent system on the planet to provide advertisements online. Their ads gonna be more relevant and reachable.

Better Communication

Google has always created product to enhance digital communication. Gmail enhances your chat and email communications, Youtube enhances video communications and so on. Similarly Google+ being integrated with your Gmail contacts provides a facility to better communication. You can also chat to a specific circle or group on Google+.

Trust factor

I am sure you must be using Gmail for a long time now. You must be sending your private mails, confidential data, credentials, etc through emails, that needs a lot of trust to be build up. Facebook on the other hand even tracks your messages, status and other activities for their advertising benefits.

Android edge

androidGoogle is activating 500,000+ android devices every day. That means all these users must be syncing their devices to Google account, and this makes them more closer to Google+. Just need to download a Google+ app from market and you are on it. The android app for Google+ is really very well build unlike Facebook. Facebook app interface still needs many more improvements.

Enhanced Features

Google+ features are very handy comments, +1, share, circles, hangout, photos, spark and the most amazing thing I personally love is that ‘black notification bar’ on the top. That enables you to check your Google+ updates from Gmail, Reader or may be while normal browsing on Google and you can simply open that notification box and can reply to those you want. This is very handy unlike Facebook for which you have to open Facebook and not only that, you need to open that post also in-case you want to reply to that post.

Would love to listen your views on this. For you which one is better – Google+ or Facebook?

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