Facebook Messenger app will support Video Calls soon

facebook messenger for iphone and android

I have been using Facebook Mobile Messenger app on my Android device since the day it was available to download. But I have been in a doubt that why Facebook has not officially announced that Messenger app is out, rather they are still saying “Coming Soon” on their Facebook Messenger page.

Is Facebook still testing Messenger app? Are they not ready to launch it officially? I guess the answer is they are embedding Video Calls in Facebook Messenger app. Yeah!! they might be facilitating Messenger app with Video chatting capabilities for iOS and android based tablets. This not a wild guess, have a look at this-

facebook messenger app manager

Here we go-

  • Download Facebook Messenger App file (.apk) from this direct link.
  • Transfer it to your android device. And now use a file manager to browse the content of .apk file. Like I used Astro File Manager. You can have any of the file manager that allows you to look into these installation files. Or get one from here or download from Android Market.
  • Now open the apk file on your file manger. Navigate to folders “res/drawable-mdpi/”
  • You will see a list of images in that folder.
  • Open the file named as ‘admin_missed_call’ or ‘admin_video_call’
  • You will see images like shown below-
facebook messenger.apk
facebook messenger video calling

I don’t think they will just add these images to setup file for fun. They must be on something. Lets see what they officially come up with. Share your views please-

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