5 simple ways to promote your Google+ Profile

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Getting connected with relevant people is one of the most important factor on Google+. You will always like to have more and more people adding you to their circles. But for that your G+ profile should be easily available. Let me share with you 5 ways to promote your Google+ profile.

Before that have a look at these 4 ways to create

Google+ widget for your profile.

Option 1 – WidgetPlus

Option 2 – Google+ wordpress plugin

Option 3 – Google Plus Profile Widget

Option 4 – Ggplus Google+ Widget

Select one from the above, or of your own choice

google+ profile widget

Now as you have created a G+ profile widget, its time to promote it, here are some 5 ways I could come up with

Add to Sidebar

Add the above Widget on the Sidebar of your blog or website.

Add to Social icons

Add a link of your Google+ profile with other social bookmarking icons.

google+ bookmarking

Promote through Author Box

Add the Google+ widget in the Author Bio as shown below

google+ author box

Promote on ShareBar

Sharebar is a wordpress plugin which allows visitors to share your content on popular social networking sites. If you use ShareBar, add your Google+ profile to it, as you see on the left side of this page.

Promote through Guest Post

If you don’t have a blog or website of your own and you do Guest posting on other sites. You can add your Google+ Profile towards the end of your article. (with no objection to owner)

These are simple 5 ways I could think of, if you follow some other practice please share with us in comments.

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