Use Facebook at work in a excel sheet

facebook at work

Now you don’t need any proxy to use Facebook at work, you can even use it in front of your boss or supervisor. And the best part is they will think you are working on some data analysis file. Isn’t that cool? I have been doing it since last few days and you know yesterday my boss came and said “Oh!! These days you are working very hard, I saw you with these data sheets in lunch time also.” And I was dancing like anything!!

So how can you do that?

Have you heard about “”? This app makes all that possible. See how-

Just Go to and click on “Gimme dem spreadsheets” as show below

facebook at work
Here is the overall layout and useful features of the application

facebook at work

Home Screen of your Facebook profile

facebook at work

Hovering over comments and likes shows your more information.

facebook at work

You can search for friends through the formula bar.

facebook at work

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