Make your Windows 7 looks like Mac OS X Lion

windows as mac os

Don’t have a apple macbook? And still want to experience recently released Mac OS X Lion? Yes, now you can make your Windows 7 looks like Mac OS X Lion. You can actually do that with no hassle and fuss free. A user from, hameddanger has developed a styling theme which can transform your Windows 7 into Mac OS X Lion. See the image how it will look like-

windows 7 as mac os x lion

Isn’t it cool? I liked it much. Follow these simple steps to use this theme

  • Create a Restore point in your Windows 7 PC.
  • Create a backup of highly critical data in your primary drive.
  • Download the theme from deviantart link
  • Double click on the downloaded file and complete the process.
  • Reboot and you will login to MAC OS X Lion theme next time.

This theme is also available for Windows XP users, but I personally don’t recommend that. It will slow down your PC, as it did for one of my friend. My experience to this theme was great. I used it for around 4-5 days and then back to normal. Please share your experience too.

You can download more Windows 7 themes here


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