All incoming calls showing as unknown

Whether you have a iPhone, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, LG or any other branded phone, this problem can come. And the problem is all incoming calls showing as unknown. I have just purchased a new Samsung Galaxy and I shifted all my contacts from my old Blackberry. Shifted all my favorite songs to SD card, downloaded new games and all was set until this happened.

I got a the first call on my phone and it was showing “Incoming call from Unknown“, I was like ‘Huh who is this unknown person’. I answered the call and it was one of my friend. I was so surprised how I didn’t get his number on my screen. After the call I looked into my contact list and his number was already saved.

unknown call

I was surprised how this happened, tried almost every possible setting I knew, but it was just not able to show me contact name on incoming calls. Then I searched it on google for a suitable solution and got many answers, which advised me to-

  • Restore my phone to factory settings,
  • Format it through boot,
  • Check it with Samsung care center,
  • Save contacts in different formats ( adding country code or may be 0),
  • Restore my contacts list,
  • and some were suggesting to download a app for it.

And believe me none of the above answers suited me. I tried every thing except downloading a app for it. Come-on this a basic functionality of a phone man!! If a smartphone cannot do this much, is it worthy to even call it a phone?

Finally I thought of going to my carrier provider (Airtel). And after explaining it to 5 people, I really got someone who said “I know the solution to it”. I was like “Thank God somebody in this world…”

That guy did few settings on his system, and then asked me to check it again. I was happy, it was working like butter.

So to tell you this problem of “All incoming calls showing up Unknown with no number” is related to “Calling Line Identification” which we can also call “Caller ID” in simple words. Many phones have options in under their setting menu to show Caller ID numbers or not, like in my knowledge iPhone and blackberry have this option. But for other you can simply ask your service provider (airtel, vodafone, mtnl, bsnl, reliance, idea or any other) to activate Caller ID on your number.


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