Save your Gmail from getting hacked

gmail got hacked

Hundreds of personal Gmail accounts, including those of some senior U.S. government officials, were hacked as a result of a massive phishing scheme originating from China, Google said on Wednesday. via @cnn

Google also said “The account hijackings were a result of stolen passwords, likely by malware installed on victims’ computers or through victims’ responses to e-mails from malicious hackers posing as trusted sources. That type of hack is known as phishing. Gmail’s security systems themselves were not compromised.”

So how you can save your Gmail account from getting hacked?

Here are some ways-

1. Always use HTTPS.

HTTPS is used to encrypt data as it is transmitted between computers on the Internet, so look for the “https” in the URL bar of your browser to indicate that the connection between your computer and Gmail’s servers is encrypted. Open Settings and choose “Always use HTTPS” on the General tab if you want to turn it on.

2. Don’t share your personal information with any strange person.

This is very common these days, you must be getting several phishing mails. The worst part is these mail will have your friends name as the sender. Suppose you have a friend called ‘John’, its on high probability that you will get a mail from a ‘John’ only; but that is not your friend. So just confirm the email address before you share any personal information. You personal information can be a hint for them to guess you password.

3. Use 2-step Verification

2-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your Google Account by requiring you to have access to your phone – as well as your username and password – when you sign in. This means that if someone steals or guesses your password, the potential hijacker still can’t sign in to your account because they don’t have your phone.  Check out the below video to understand 2-step verification.

4. Use a strong Password and change it on a periodically

Yeah this is a must thing, you should have a strong alphanumeric password, check more details here. Having a strong password is not enough, it is highly recommended that you change it on a regular your password safe and secure

5. Keep a track on your Account Activity

Gmail has a very useful feature of tracking your Account Activities. Scroll Down to the end of the inbox, and you will see a footer like this -

click on the details and you will get know what all activities are going on with your email account. In this way you can also check whether your account is hacked or not.

If you want some more tips to safeguard your gmail account, check this too.

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