Prevent your Facebook account from spams

prevent facebook account

You must be aware that Facebook is dominating the social networking sites era. If we consider total pageviews per day across the entire www, Facebook covers around 7.7% pageviews and 43% of online users open facebook on a daily basis. The data has been collected from alexa. With such a huge traffic being attracted to the website, its very hard to find out who is genuine and who is here to fool you around. There has been many cases where users reported that their facebook account is being hacked, many cases where users say my account is misbehaving.

If we talk about recent days there has been many spams going around on facebook, Osama Bin Laden spam, Account verification spam, and most recently youtube video spam. We click on these links because they are coming from our friends, whats wrong in that? So its becoming more and more difficult to identify which is a genuine and which is a fraud link? Isn’t it?

We have got a solution to it -

  • Use Mozilla Firefox for facebooking.
  • Install a small add-on called ‘No-script‘.
  • Thats it, now will not gonna see all those spam links on your facebook wall.

No-Script selectively, and non-intrusively, blocks all scripts, plug-ins, and other code on Web pages that could be used to attack your system during visits. With No-script you can select individually for each website that whether you want scripts to run or block them as shown in image below. Simply mark as untrusted website, so that it will not ask you for scripts every time you open facebook.

The NoScript status bar menu

If you are aware of any such other tools please share as comments below and help others too.

(thanks to our recent commentator “Annon for giving this article a shape.)

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2 thoughts on “Prevent your Facebook account from spams

  1. It stops all the scripts including chat utility and link pasting in status update box.
    How would I get to know that a particular link is malicious?
    Is there any way or option in this ad-on which can identify scripts which are (may be) malicious?

    • Thanks Gajendra for commenting here, What you said is right, the script will disable all fancy features from your facebook account, but it solves the ultimate purpose of not getting trapped with these upcoming spam links, you never know next time they will come in what shape and face.

      For me its better to have my facebook account safe rather than loosing it someday. Anyways i use trusted thirdparty tools for facebook chat and all. And recommend the same to you

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