Is your laptop running slow? Get some help here

why my laptop running slow

Is your laptop running Slow?

One of my friend yesterday asked me

While working on Laptops, I guess the most irritating thing will be your laptop working slow like a turtle. Process delay, loading pokey, getting stuck, time lags, these are most of the instances that pisses me off. But what to do?
Now please dont say “Reinstall you windows/linux/or any other OS.” or “Upgrade your harddisk” or may be “Upgrade your RAM”, these things even my laptop can speak out, so whats different you are suggesting.

I started thinking about what I personally do to make my laptop work fast. Then I told him below points one by one-

1. Start with a disk cleanup.

There are several ways to access this, but one is to click on the Start Program -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup. This feature will allow you to delete temporary Internet Files, Offline Files, the recycling bin, and other types of unnecessary files.

2. Clean Startup programs.

Go to Start -> Click Run and type “msconfig” in the prompt window. Click on Startup tab and look at all that junk that loads when you start your laptop. Do you really need “Adobe Reader Speed Launch” or may be “Googleupdater”? Probably not. Turn off anything else that looks useless, but be careful not to disable your anti-virus and important system components.

3. Run a full anti-virus and anti-spyware scan

I would recommend using NOD 32, AVG Antivirus. Keep in mind that you have not installed two antivirus, they will create problem for you.

4. Clean up the registry

CCleaner or RegistryFix are free and worth a lot when we talk about work. It will also remove unused files from your system – allowing Windows to run faster and giving you more hard disk space.

5. Delete Temporary Files.

Go to Start -> Click Run and type “%temp%” in the prompt window. Select all files and delete. This will delete all your system temporary files. Dont worry its not gonna effect your lapotop anyhow.

6. Do Disk Defragmentation.

You can access this the same way as a disk cleanup, but select disk defragmenter instead. You can also schedule Disk DeFragmentation process as it will take some time depending upon the work to be done.

7. Check your power management.

Go to Control Panel -> Click Power management -> Select the option for “Maximum or Best Performance”. This can be done when you are plugged in directly and not using your laptop on battery. While on battery Select the option for “Power Saver”.

8. Remove unwanted Programs

Go to Control Panel -> Click Add or Remove programs. Remove programs that you know you are not using. This can be a little tricky if one program is dependent on some other. So please check that no program is depended on the program you want to remove.

9. Avoid Animations.

If you have low RAM in laptop, its better to avoid animations in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Go to Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> Performance Information and Tools -> Advanced Tools. Then select Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows. The Performance options window will prompt, uncheck Animate Windows when Maximazing and Minimizing. You can look at other options as well.

10. Use Crucial

Its a program that can see the memory in your computer and give you a better recommendation of what you need. They will look into your laptop’s technical specs.

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