iPad 3 thinner and lighter than iPad 2

After selling out more than 500000 iPad 2 tablets in march 2011, you can imagine the number of tablets Apple must have sold so far. By the time you come with a approximate figure, here is a great news for you all. Apple is planning to launch iPad 3 towards the end of 2011.

According to OLEDinfo,

Tim Cook (Apple’s COO and acting CEO) has visited South Korea last week, and there are reports that he discussed using Samsung’s AMOLED displays for the iPad 3.

apple ipad 3

OLEDinfo also said “These are just rumors currently (A SMD spokesperson said “he had not heard of such discussions with Apple”). But this is the first time that it’s at least plausible for Apple to use OLEDs as up until today Samsung’s capacity was simply not enough.”

Sources also indicates that “Samsung┬áproduces 24,000 substrates a month. The next stage (line 2) is scheduled for the end of 2011 (and will double the capacity to 48,000 monthly substrates). The third line is planned for the first half of 2012, and this will bring monthly capacity to 100,000 substrates.┬áTotal investment for this new fab is around $2.2 billion.”

So you can see that there is a high probability that if Samsung adds the line 2 by somewhere near end of this year, Apple can fulfill the demand of these OLED screens from Samsung.

What change OLED screen will bring to iPad 3?

  • First and foremost OLED screens are better than LED screens.
  • OLED screens provide more brilliant colors, faster touch recognition with fast responses.
  • OLED screens are lighter and thinner than LED too, which will change the overall weight of iPad 3.
  • OLED screens are expensive, this can affect the pricing of iPad 3.
  • OLEDs consume more power also, So either Apple or Samsung has to look for a way to deal with this fact.

That is all what we have got about iPad 3 so far, will give you an update on its release date, price and other specifications as and when we will get a pinch of it.

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