Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich updates

new ice cream sandwich

Eric Schmidt at Google I/O, confirmed that the next version of Android OS will merge Gingerbread and Honeycomb together. It was also announced that it is called as ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’.

I personally am very curious to know why and how these names come to Eric’s mind? All Android OS have two words added, Froyo (frozen+yoghurt), Ginger+Bread, Honey+Comb and now Ice Cream+ Sandwich. What is the secret behind it?

Anyways will find a answer to this question later. Lets have a look at new Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich updates-

Is it only for smartphones or tablets?

No, Ice Cream Sandwich will be for all screen sizes and will be available on phones, tablets, computers, Google TV and other android devices. A single API framework for what may be the easiest Android version to develop for yet.


Do I have to buy a new Android phone for this?

No, Android Ice Cream Sandwich wont have any new hardware requirements. That means it will be able to work on older handsets also.


As it will be one OS for all! Is it Open Source?

Yes, of course it is. In fact Google is adding new API to the framework to help all developers out there scale their user interfaces across all the different sized screens and devices toting them.


When its gonna available to developers?

All the elements of Ice Cream Sandwich will be available as developer API by 4th quarter 2011.


Eye catching Features.

  • A different 3D look. Ice Cream Sandwich can detect your head, not just your face, recognizing not only where your head is, but where you’re looking. This tech runs on the GPU, this currently meaning that it’ll work at 500 frames per second.
  • Suppose two people from one side are video chatting with another, both speaking into the front-facing camera. When either of them speaks, the camera zooms in on that person relatively smoothly, then back to whoever is speaking next in turn.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich phones will also get access to the newly announced movie rental service in the Android Market.
  • Access to Google Music.
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