How to Disable Facebook Questions

disable Facebook questions

The new feature by Social Networking giant Facebook, ‘Facebook Questions‘ is turning up a little bit annoying to me. I don’t like these questions on my wall or news feed. But there is no direct option to disable Facebook questions, one has to install few add-ons/extensions/scripts.

If you are also annoyed with these questions and want remove them or want to turn them off, here are some ways to disable Facebook Questions.

Google Chrome Users

If your favorite browser is Google Chrome, you can simply disable Facebook Questions by installing a simple extension. This will not effect your normal browsing process anyhow. So don’t worry about that. 

Here is the extension for disabling Facebook Questions on Google Chrome

Disable Facebook Questions

Mozilla Firefox Users

Mozilla Firefox Users have to do a little more work if you don’t have Greasemonkey installed. 

1. First install Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox from official link here.
2. After successful installation of Greasemonkey, install this script By Sean Davies to disable Facebook Questions.

Internet Explorer Users

For Internet Explorer Users, my personal recommendation is to shift to either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But still if you want to be with IE, here is a way to disable Facebook Questions. 

1. You have to first install Trixie (alternate to Greasemonkey for IE).
2. After successful installation of Trixie, install this script By Sean Davies to disable Facebook Questions.

Opera and Safari Users

Opera Users also have to install Greasemonkey first, see here how you can do that. And then install this script By Sean Davies to disable Facebook Questions. 

Similarly Safari Users can install Greasemonkey first, see here how you can do that. And then install this script By Sean Davies to disable Facebook Questions.

Other Browsers
If you are using any other browser, please shift to any of the browser mentioned above.

If you know any other way to disable these annoying Facebook Questions, please share here and help other users too.

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  1. another option is the fb purity browser extension, it works with chrome, firefox, safari and opera, no need to install greasemonkey, you can just install the extension directly from

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