Internet Explorer has stopped working? Fix it easily

Internet Explorer (IE) is a dominant browser among all the other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others. But most of the people face crashing problem with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. For fixing google chrome crash we have already written an article here, so this article is about how you can fix the crashing problem in Internet Explorer.

internet explorer stopped working

There are many reasons for which your Internet Explorer is working so weird and crashing all the time. Lets handle them one by one.

1. Reset all settings in Internet Explorer to default.

Close your IE, head to ‘Control panel’ -> ‘Internet Options’
Go to ‘Advanced’ tab -> click on ‘Reset’ -> click ‘OK’
Now start your IE again.

internet explorer stopped working

2. Other Microsoft services troubling your Internet Explorer.

Close your IE, head to ‘Start’ -> ‘Run’
Type ‘msconfig’ -> click ‘OK’ -> click ‘continue or allow’ on User Account Control popup
Click ‘Selective startup’ -> Uncheck Load startup items
Click ‘Services tab’ -> Check ‘Hide all Microsoft services box’
Click ‘Disable all’ -> Click ‘OK’
And Restart your PC now.

3. Disable Protection Mode in Internet Explorer.

Open your IE, head to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Internet Options’
Go to ‘Security’ tab -> and at the bottom Uncheck ‘Enable Protection Mode’
And Restart your IE now.

internet explorer stopped working

4. Remove third party Add-ons manually.

Third party add-ons can also be the reason by which your IE is not working properly or has stopped working, so its better to remove such add-ons and proceed. The most incompatible add-on with IE is Skype, so if you have Skype installed on your PC please see that you remove the Skype Add-on for IE.

5. Use Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

Microsoft has provided a feature to use IE disabling all the add-ons attached to it. This will be faster and more stable for browsing purpose.

Close your IE, head to ‘Start’ -> Click ‘All Programs’
Go to ‘Accessories’ –> ‘Systems Tools’
Click ‘Internet Explorer (No add-ons)’

6. Remove unnecessary Toolbars.

If you have downloaded some flashy or cosmetic toolbars, please remove them. There are some toolbars that automatically gets downloaded from few websites and all. Please remove them.

7. Reinstall your Internet Explorer.

It is recommended that if all the above mentioned ways to solve the crashing problem of Internet Explorer are not working in your case, please reinstall your Internet Explorer. If any new updated version is available in market please download and install the latest one.

We wish your search for ‘internet explorer crash’, ‘IE crashing’, ‘internet explorer not responding’, ‘internet explorer stopped working’ and fixing solutions to all these issues must have stopped now. If not, please let us know.

If you know any other way to solve this issue “Internet Explorer has stopped working“, please share it across. Sharing is Caring..

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