4 Biggest Sign that People Like Your Blog


If you are a blogger, you probably will wonder if anyone ever like or appreciate what you have posted on your blog/site. That is definitely a common question for everyone.

For me there are 4 biggest sign to show you that people like or appreciate what you have posted on your blog/site, and they are:

1. Comment

By leaving a comment on your blog post, it shows that your reader appreciate your works and want to let you know how they feel about it. It is always an advantage for a blogger to get to know how the reader reaction to the blog/post and another way to engage with the reader and also knowing what is actually their needs.

It is strongly suggested that every blogger should reply on every comments that your readers leave for you, even the negative one, to let them know that their comment are valuable and shows that you interact with your reader. Always keep in your mind that not every reader will leave their comments on your blog (except those active spams ;) ), so if you get any comment on your blog, treat it like a treasure and it can always be a source of inspiration for your next post.

2. Share And Subscribe

Anyone who likes your post will definitely have the tendency to share it with others through any social media site, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. And surely they will subscribe to your blog to keep getting updates from it.

My suggestion is to set a social media icon for every post that you have, to be able to share it at the convenience way, but I’m sure every professional blogger knows how important it is to set a social media icon on their blog.

3. Pingback

Pingback is an automated cross referencing system between blogs. When you make a comment on your blog about a subject posted on another blog, pingback is used to enable that blog to link back to the comment on your blog. Unlike TrackBack, the link back does not include a title and excerpt; however, it is more automatic as a result.

Both blogs must use blogging software that supports the Pingback protocol. When the pingback is initiated, your blog software automatically contacts all the sites you have linked in your blog to see if they accept pingbacks.

So,if anyone post a link of your blog post on their blog, its one of the sign that they liked your post. Besides giving you traffic, it shows that your post are valuable to them. I still remember how happy I am when I get my first pingback from other site.

4. Blog roll

Not everyone want to set a blog roll of a site to theirs, so it is always an honor to get a spot on someone’s blog, especially from a well known blog/site that have a huge traffic. One of that days people who visited that site will eventually clicking on the blog roll. This is definitely the biggest sign of appreciation over your blog/site that surely will give you more traffics. More traffic, more readers, which will lead it back to number 1 to 3

So that was the 4 biggest sign for every blogger to get to know that their blog/site is being read, appreciated and valuable to their readers. As a blogger, it is common to have another friend who also have a blog/site, in a way to help each other; build a relationship, opinion, technical support and other things that will lead you to a better blogger.

Thank you for reading and let us hear your opinion on the comment box below.


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12 thoughts on “4 Biggest Sign that People Like Your Blog

  1. Well written Milana :)
    I would love to add one more sign :D
    * Content is the KING : Besides all the above 4 points ,Content does matter which you are providing in your blog. Content in terms of quality not quantity ;). If the content of the your blog is good, then the number of returning visitors increases which in case reduces the bounce rate and increases the visitors time on site :) :)

    What do you think friends ?? :)
    [cc: Harsh]

    • Thanks Sunil for your insights, I agree that Content is no doubt a factor to make your blog worth. But today content can be brought but what needs a real effort is all 4 points mentioned above.

      • Thanks for the quick replies [cc: Milana]

        I agree with you both completely , but these are four signs are possible only when the content is good :)
        For eg: If a Tree is healthy then only you can expect some sweet fruits :)
        So Here Tree is “Content” and fruits are “The above 4 signs”.

        Waiting for your replies friends :) :D

    • Thank you Sunil, agree with Harsh.
      How do you know that someone like your killer content on your blog people never shows their appreciation through the above ways? ;)

  2. Very informative…..useful tips.Our generation surely needs such updates. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. i agree with you , but have noticed that many a times u’ll find kind of “passive” visitors who’ll like but won’t comment , subscribe etc and unfortunately we can’t quantify them


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