Effective way of Twitter FollowFriday

Every Friday on Twitter there are millions of tweets pointing billions or trillions of people to be followed. Follow Friday started just with a simple tweet now has become a trend on Twitter. The real idea behind this is to think of interesting people one already follows and he/she recommends them to others.

But how many of us really think and follow all these people? So there is an Effective way to Twitter FollowFriday “You can recommend your #FollowFriday list on your blog or website and simply tweet the link of that page. The advantage of this is you will not forget a single person you want to recommend, and secondly you can always add new people in your list..

My Follow Friday List

Pramit J NathanRajuRaj_R dahara A.R.KarthickZaheer Abbasrohit srinivasaMaya PandeManish M. AhujaMuhammad AliDr. Wilhelm Greiner@TrendyDC paul steeleAhad BokhariAdityaAimee Pilz Harsh Agrawal Moon RoyNitesh patelPaksorn RunlertCalvin LeeNikhil UghadeAinslieGaurav SahaA.R.KarthickgautamA.R.KarthickHadel S. Ma'ayehSiddharthA.R.KarthickRahul BankerFatima AnsariSrivathsan G.KSidharth Bariq RifkiDaniel BartaSaurin ParikhNickyraza rahil hussain

Create your own list on your blog or website, and have fun

Aimee Pilz

15 thoughts on “Effective way of Twitter FollowFriday

  1. Hey Harsh, I think this is the best Idea so far to recommand tweeps. And Oh thank you so much for adding me in this list. Am so grateful.

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