How to Fix Google Chrome Crash Problem

Few Days Back I used to love Google Chrome but Suddenly after recent updates of Google Chrome, I noticed that every time I start Google Chrome it crashes many times.. Then I searched a lot for fixing this problem.. And I founded this solution

There are some third party softwares with which Google Chrome in not that friendly which causes it to crash several times. If you have any of the following softwares installed on your PC, please try to update, reinstall, disable or uninstall them. I was using Internet Download manager and ESET NOD 32 Antivirus 2.7 version and the moment i updated both of them, now my google chrome works great.

  • Safe Eyes Parental Control Software
  • ContentWatch
  • Microsoft Office XP Input Method Editor
  • Naomi Web Filter
  • Trusteer Rapport
  • Hide My IP
  • Venturi Firewall
  • PPLive
  • Internet Download Manager
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus only 2.7 version
  • iS3 anti-spyware (STOPzilla)
  • NVIDIA Network Access Manager and NVIDIA nTune
  • WinMount
  • FolderSize

What is the solution to fix it?

To see which of the programs or softwares installed in your computer/laptop are conflicting with Google Chrome and causing Google Chrome to crash, simply type “about:conflicts” in the address bar of your Google chrome. There you will be able to see list of all softwares which are integrated with Google chrome and also those who are conflicting with Google chrome.


See that recently released, most reliable and stable version of Google Chrome is “10.0.648.127″;
so check that whether your Chrome is updated or not?

See what I got for you here -

A new version of Google Chrome which is much more experimented than the previous versions. I downloaded this new version and I got amazed by the new changes I saw. Speed has increased, no crashing problem, fast loading, fast search.. I think Its awesome.

Google Chrome Crash Fix

click here to download this new google chrome.

More solutions to Google chrome crash are mentioned below,

  • Click on the Google Chrome shortcut
  • In Target field add “–no-sandbox” or “–in-process-plugins”
  • Click Apply and Try starting Chrome again..

If this is not working in your case, then may its an issue with one of the windows file named as “winhttp.dll”. Then try this

  • Click on the Google Chrome shortcut
  • In Target field add “–new-http”
  • Click Apply and Try starting Chrome again..

Google Chrome Crash Fix

Thats it, my problem was solved with second trick and I am again in love with Google Chrome.

If you want to share something, feel free to add as comment..

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46 thoughts on “How to Fix Google Chrome Crash Problem

  1. So After doing a ton of searches to fix my google chrome which I love, I found something that worked! antimalware doctor infected my computer, I used revp uninstaller to remove it, but somehow my Google chrome didn’t work after that.

    Here’s how to fix it.

    Right click on the Chrome icon and select properties and add ” –no-sandbox” to the end of Target


    “C:\Documents and Settings\DRA\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –no-sandbox

    Note: there must be a space between the final apostrophy and the two dashes

    • The same thing happened to me. My laptop has detected a malware yesterday (Win32.CodecPack.adsm) It looks like it is in the vault right now. But google chrome keeps crashing. I have try all three solution, but the problem still continues. What can you recommend me to do?

      • I think you have to first uninstall google chrome, get a good antivirus, do a thorough scanning. After getting ur PC cleaned up, reinstall google chrome.

        And also make sure that when u start the new google chrome, you will get one more process in your Task Manager as “Googlecrashhandler.exe”

        Your issue will be solved.

  2. I have got this message many times “Make sure the path and the file name are correct”
    How can I deal with that?. I really need some help :(

  3. hey please help me… when i am in the middle of browsing the pages.. suddely a window opens and says
    1. check online to solve the issue
    2. debugg the program
    3. restart the program

    when i proceed to either 2 or 3. the chrome asks me ” last time chrome didnot shutdown well- reopen the last session”

    even i reopen the pages . withina seconds the problem arises..

    can somebody resolve it..


    • Hey, I guess u have not read the threaded comments above; as I suggested before, read this new article. Click here

      I m sure your problem will be resolved..

  4. …i solved it simply by erasing first run folder
    in google chrome directory
    nomore BSOD starting Chrome

  5. I’ve done Those things, everything working fine but sometimes Google chrome crashes when i browse Facebook.

  6. Browsers play a great deal on my job. My google chrome has been displaying “Aw, Snap” for the longest time. I’ve tried uninstall-reinstall but it did not worked. I tried searching the web, trying the solution suggested by google support. Still, no can do.

    Until your solution revived my Chrome!

    thanks a lot!

  7. i’ve done those things and my chrome still crash…i did disable flash player but still crash…then i did some research idm isn’t compatible with crhome so i just disable idm compatibility with crhome……

    nb : work for windows 7 (chrome isn’t compatible with idm at windows 7)

    • After you click on properties by right clicking on the google chrome icon, you will get three tabs – general, shortcut and compatibility.

      Go for the secong one ” Shortcut” tab, you will find traget field there.. Hope it helps..

  8. Hey..Harsh,

    Thanks for your guide…its really works. i had same chrome crash problem. i found IDM was conflicting with chrome. Disabled it and my chrome is zoooming again. Thanks again for your help.


  9. Hey Harsh,
    I did all these things but my google chrome still crashes. I am using latest version of google chrome (10.0.648.127). Actually, it crashes only when I play any video on Youtube, and infact, I am trying to play youtube videos on Mozilla and Opera also, but they are crashing too. I will be grateful to you, if you help to fix this problem, coz I have to take several videos from youtube for my project website.

    • Your problem is not with any of your browser crashing, rather its with the plugin u need to see or download those youtube videos.
      Check out that you are using an updated version of flash player and shockwave player.

      Hope it helps.

  10. hey i wanted how can i fix my google chrome which says gooogle chrome has stopped working and also its says it crashed.I really need a lot of help please help me out =[

  11. Problem was- Every time i type and hit for searching any thing in search box… it crashes as i hit enter…. it was so irritating…
    anyhow i have solved…

    My google Chrome and Firefox mozilla crashing problem is solved….

    Hey guys its a malware….. as i found … it was….Alureon.f malware/virus….

    atapi.sys file was infected….

    I have used a simple program TDSSkiller.exe from kaspersky site.

    you can download it from…

    • Great that you solved the problem, but as I see most of the times I have heard this complain from users which have a virus free computer.
      Anyways, I really appreciate the links you have provided. May be it will be useful for someone with same problem.

      • @harsh

        It was my problem from last 6 months… and i have quick heal antivirus at the back end…
        i have formatted the system many times but as i reinstall the OS it re occurs…..

        i 9 that there is a bit small issue behind but i was not aware…. as i decide to detect malware and decide to run each n every software available… and in series i searched “microsoft security essential” a free antimalware …suite… it was the first ever soft i have installed and check….
        n i was bit lucky but MSE was unable to clean the malware…every time…so i have google the same n found…the killer tool…

        Similarly if you get irritated..just try a good free antimalware…. n
        if the issue is antivirus.. soft… i m using QH from 3 yrs…it never happen before …..but still it was unable to identify the worm… so ..may a antivirus is not worth ful…try anti malware…

        why i m writing a long because i 9 how bit it irritating if u cant surf as u wish
        As i found the solution i was searching platform to know all those need it…. i dont wont them to suffer a lot so
        …enjoy surfing widout crashing….:)

  12. Yay. I had this problem for AGES. Thanks so much for sharing the fix, I can finally surf the web without getting constantly interrupted by the crashes! :D

  13. Google still crashes for me on games on Facebook, I’ve tried all the suggestions and the game crashes even more, any other suggestions?

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  15. I found your post interesting.But the newer version crash lot more than old version have.Thank you too much.If you can pliz give me a solution why picture not loaded in chrome correctly????

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